About Me

My name is Charlotte and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in north London (UK), and still live here until this day. I am a fashion designer who graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2013. For my final year of University I chose to specialise in plus size fashion and made a size UK22 collection (click here), which has been featured in Fett Magazine and Big Girl's Paradise Magazine, and has also led to me being nominated for a British Plus Size Award for 'best achievement' 2013. I was also featured as  a 'designer to watch' on Garner Style. As of September 2014 I returned to University to continue onto postgrad level.

I dedicate my spare time to running this blog, and have been blogging since August 2012. One of the main reasons I began blogging was because with my strong interest in fashion and photography it was a great way to combine the two and create an outlet for me to express myself. Magazines no longer cut it anymore, for me it's all about personal style and being able to relate to the person which is something I try to recreate on my own blog.

I am a plus size blogger, although I see myself as a fashion blogger who just happens to be plus size. 'Plus size' has and probably always will be part of my identity, in fact I've never known anything different, which I'm not ashamed of, but I don't like it to define me. I am, of course, fully supportive in the promotion of diversity within the fashion industry and the blogging community, and just society in general. However, there is more to be than just my size, just like there's more to you than your hair colour or gender.

If you have a question it's best to contact me via email, or on my social networks and I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Email: Apple_Charlotte@hotmail.co.uk


1. Why are you called ‘Apple Charlotte’?
It’s a very simple answer and its down to the fact that when I was 18 (over 5 years ago, way before I was blogging) I was trying to think of a ‘cool’ twitter name that worked with my actual name. It was either going to be Apple Charlotte, which is actually a dessert, or Charlotte Potatoes, which are potatoes that are sold in most supermarkets. It’s that simple. Then years later I realised that ‘Apple Charlotte’ fit perfectly as I’m actually what they call an ‘apple’ shape, but that’s just a coincidence. Thank goodness I never chose Charlotte Potatoes.

2. I love your style, where do you buy your clothes?
I live and breathe shopping so I tend to always have an eye out for clothes. I shop at the usual plus size places such as ASOS Curve, New Look Inspire, Simply Be etc. But it’s also great to look in slightly low-key/not so obvious places like supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda etc. as they go up bigger sizes and are cheap too). Very.com and the UK forever21+ site occasionally have some hidden gems, as well as places like Matalan. It never hurts to also look in straight sizes sections as places like H&M often do elasticated or majorly oversized garments, and Primark’s size UK20’s can sometimes be generous. Just don’t rule out anywhere!

3. Can I buy your Big Apple collection?
I am sorry to say no. The collection I made was a one off thing for University and took me 3 months to make (from pattern cutting to sewing), and cost over £2000 in fabric, so you can see why as a one-man team it would be hard for me to reproduce. I only have the originals which I plan to keep as a reminder of the hard work I put in to get my degree! However, this doesn’t mean I won’t be making and selling in the future, and is currently something I am working on.

4. Can you make me ______ ?
I’m currently not taking orders. Not officially anyway. However it does depend on the garment, sizing, fabric etc. and whether I feel it’s something I can do/suitable to my design style/whether I am available to do it or have the money etc. You can always pop me over an email at Apple_Charlotte@hotmail.co.uk and ask anyway.

5. What camera do you use, and who takes your photos?
I use a second hand Canon 400D, and in some circumstances just my iPhone 5C. I don't have one photographer, it's usually anyone I can grab. At the moment it's usually my parents or my friends who are bloggers too. I usually give them a bit of a direction as to what I want my photos to look like but most of them are used to it by now and know what I like.