Saturday, 1 August 2015

Design Journal: Toiling Second Outfit


So this week was technically the last week of uni! All my classmates have finished and the uni is pretty much empty, but I'm still here trying to finish my work. Not having many people, or tutors, about in some ways in benefiting me as it means I'm having to make decisions on my own and think about what I want rather than pleasing other people. But also, it's very lonely and it's hard when I feel I could do with some other opinions. It's going to take some adjusting to the quietness over August. This week I had my model come in for two fittings of my coat - which I really want to get done soon. I've still got some big adjustments to be made to the arms, as well as pattern cutting the lining and facing but I'm hoping it can be done by next week. I keep forgetting to take pictures of the fittings with my model, but here is me trying it on during the week. I was surprised it fit me as I'm bigger than my model, but I'm really happy with the shape and I think I've somehow managed to create a swing coat that doesn't look frumpy on a large body?
This week I've also been toiling and pattern cutting my idea's for outfit number two. (I was planning to make three outfits but now very concerned I may only have time for two) Last week I was continuing my collaging and came up with a design I was fairly happy with, so I've been trying to figure out how to pattern cut it. I think I'm going to have to work on the design a bit more and adapt it so that it is achievable to make, but will also look good on a plus size person.
I'm really wanting this outfit to be a matching two-piece, as that is a massive part of my project and research. I love the fact it will look like a dress when worn together but they would also work as interesting pieces on their own. I've been toiling the top and skirt all week and not having too much luck with it, it's taking me much longer than I wanted as I've been unsatisfied with the results. I think the top is close to being sorted, and I think the key is to not overlap the fabric but actually just make it look like it does otherwise the fabric becomes too bulky. I'm also interested in bringing the wrapping-ness back into my work, like how I originally toiled and a lot of my research has been like the 1950's walkaway dress and how that wrapped around the front of the body. I'm struggling with the skirt the most as trying to get the pleats and shape to go in the angle, which is in my collage, is pretty difficult. I also wanted the skirt to be quite full but I might have to change that idea so that I able to get the pleating I want. I'm also thinking the skirt should wrap too, which again has been something I've wanted to do since the beginning. I just think I need to do some more designing so that I able to pattern cut pretty quickly next week and hopefully get a decision made.

I have also been experimenting with pocket ideas for my coat - originally I wanted a bow on the back but I have also been thinking about bows as pockets. I wouldn't be able to use both on a coat as it would be too much, or possibly these pockets could go on something else like a skirt. (apologises for my sewing as I hadn't done a pocket like this in like 3 years) 
I also had a lot of encouragement from my friend Lubna this week, who helped me finalise my stripe print and get it sent off to the digital printer before it shut for Summer. I have been um-ing and ah-ing about this print for a long time, mainly due to having low confidence and just not being able to make decision as I'm really not an expert on print or fabric. I think the stripe compliments the floral print well and fits in with the rest of the collection, but I've just been worried about how bright it is and if it looks a bit like a bed sheet? However, I was really adamant that I wouldn't use the colour black, even though everyone keeps telling me to, and I think if I saw something pink and yellow stripe in my size in a shop I would automatically buy it as I never seen anything that bright and pretty. I'm hoping the mix of the colours with a pleated design will give it a good combination of vintage yet modern, and hopefully a smidge of sophistication amongst the pink. My coat is also going to be yellow, so if I have time to do a 3rd outfit (fingers majorly crossed!), or in my final lineup, I want to bring in some deep turquoise and possibly very small splashes of black but still keeping the collection light, bright and fun.

Trying to stay positive, hopefully I'm on the right track but just very weary of how fast time is running out!
Anyway, until next time,


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  1. Wow, such a great collection of dresses they have got and it looks super amazing, I love the last outfit that is colorful and it suits you a lot