Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Design Journal: Decisions & Finishing Garments

So at the end of the last week I decided it was time to make a decision about my pink and yellow stripe fabric. As much as I love the stripe I just felt it wasn't working and still looked really like a bedsheet. I was really happy with how my skirt had come out and I felt the shape wouldn't been given justice if it was made in the stripe and would actually be more striking in a solid colour. I also felt that the skirt could work with the top I toiled that I originally planned would be with trousers.
I still feel that the pink and yellow stripe could work somewhere within my collection, but I think that perhaps the stripe needs some black in it to give it more depth.

I also managed to cut out and sew together my fold-over bow top at the end of last week. Because the stripe fabric was so thin, I was wondering for a while whether it should be lined or interfaced, or perhaps both. After speaking with the technician about it, I decided it would be best to just interface the whole thing because I felt the bow needed some stiffness - but if I just interfaced the top half the the whole piece would look off balanced. Having now interfaced the fabric and sewn it together, it has added a nice crispness to the shape. I was still planning to line the top, but having seen how it looks now I don't think it needs the lining anymore. I just have to add a zip and finish the edges, which I'm now considering binding and using as a facing, similar to what I did on the dress.
Having lined my garments up with the pink and yellow stripe fabric, I think the colours and prints do all work together but it does make the collection look incredibly young - and I think perhaps I have grown as a designer? I think it's probably taken me a very long time to figure out who I am as a designer and how to filter out my idea's, and I'm definitely still learning - but I think you can achieve vibrancy and boldness through solid colours and not necessarily crazy prints all the time.

So I decided to use this green linen for the skirt which I had originally planned to use for a pair of trousers. I actually found this linen incredibly difficult to work with, which I hadn't expected. It creases painfully easily - to the point where I would iron it and from the distance between the ironing board to my mannequin it would become creased again. Not only that, the fabric moves and where the back of the skirt is more on the bias at the seams, it has become a bit uneven and doesn't necessarily hang as I would like. But I think once I give it a 'good press' (I hate that phrase) it should hang right. I think the two outfits are working together well, as that was something I was worried about. I constantly wish there was more time to develop my designs and garments, but I do feel my 2nd outfit (the skirt and top combo) represents me and how I want to push my pattern cutting further. I enjoy the mix of vintage with some elements of contemporary pattern cutting techniques, and I would love to have more time to keep experimenting with it and see where it takes me. I would like to have had more time to have done another fitting of my fold-over top as there are a few fit issues but my model is still able to get it on so I think it will be okay.


I must admit though, my coat and dress combination which I haven't been too convinced about for ages - once my model tried it on, I realised that it actually looks pretty good and I suddenly became a lot happier with it. I think it's amazing how different things can look once they're on a human body. I think the yellow of the coat really compliments the dress and I love how the colour pops. For my third outfit, which I've been thinking and changing my mind about for a while now - I finally concluded it would be best in the given time scale to make up the dress I made on the PG Cert, which I never took into final fabric. I feel this design fits in well with my collection as there is echoing of the curved shapes in my other designs, plus I feel this is something my customer would ideally wear in the evening whilst on holiday. I ran up a really quick toile of the dress, as the previous one had shrunk due to dying it, so that I was able to do a quick fitting on my model. There was a few adjustments that needed to be made to the pattern, which I have now done, and I have began cutting it out on final fabric so that I can start sewing it together tomorrow. It's a pretty easy dress to sew together, and I think it is possible to finish all the garments in time for the hand-in next week.

Anyway until next time,



  1. That bow top is exquisite! I love it! Keep going! Can't wait to see more!

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