Thursday, 12 March 2015

Design Journal: Nottingham Indie Fashion Week


I have some other blog posts I need to catch up on as I know it's been a while since I last blogged, but unfortunately i've been really ill. However i'm back in Nottingham now and trying to get back into my work. This week me and my friend Larissa went to one of the 'Nottingham Indie Fashion Week' events hosted by the Creative Quarter. I didn't know much about the event beforehand, so it was a nice surprise to see it was all in support of independent business' in the area, especially as I hope to one day have my own independent brand. There were various accessories brands, shoes, as well as both womenswear and menswear designers being showcased on the catwalk. The event also encompassed both dance and live music, and was really well executed. The event was free and held at St Mary's Church. Me and Larissa were lucky enough to score front row seats (try and spot me in the video), but unfortunately I didn't manage to get many good pictures. There are more events happening during this week, so if you're in the Nottingham area make sure to check out what is happening here!

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