Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wild Horses

Dress & Kimono - ASOS Curve, Shoes - Primark,
Hairband - Accessorize, Bag - The National Trust (borrowed from Mum)
I have more holiday pictures to show you from our mini family trip away last weekend. These photo's were taken in the New Forest, which I used to visit often when I lived in Southampton for University. Our hotel was right on the edge of the forest, which was really nice. It's such a picturesque place full of wild horses and donkeys that just roam wherever they want, including along the long roads. I remember having to stop my car when driving through the New Forest the other year because a horse decided to stand in the middle of the road, then came over to my window to have a little chat. It was so cute. My parents hadn't seen the wild horses in the New Forest before, so it was nice showing them. You're advised not to approach the animals, but of course they seem completely harmless and there were several visitors feeding and petting them. Also, if there are any horse experts - we were a little concerned about the horse laying down because we didn't know if it was just sleeping/sunbathing, or was maybe ill. Either way, I'm sure the horses must be looked after somehow even if they are 'wild' - or at least I hope so. I wore this ASOS Curve dress that I've owned for a long while now but haven't ever gotten around to wearing. I always love it when a dress has two prints on, and I particularly love clashing florals hence the bag and shoes too. You can't actually see the print of my shoes very well due to the lighting, but take it from me - they're pretty! And only from Primark too! And the bag I borrowed from my Mum because it went better with my outfit than the one black bag I took away with me. Until next time,


  1. Great look! I live in Southampton too and often go the Forest. Horses lying down like that always freak me out! :-p

    1. Thank you! Me too, I always worry something is wrong with them! x