Friday, 25 July 2014

Castle in the Clouds

Dress - Simply Be, Cardigan - Primark (old), Shoes - Vans, Bag - Nica
These are the last of my holiday pictures from our mini family weekend away from a few weeks ago. On one of the days we were away we visited Corfe Castle in Dorset, which to me and my parents will always be known as the 'broken down castle'; when I was little we visited Corfe Castle a few times and obviously as a child I was picturing a grand, magical castle but as we would drive closer my younger self would realise that it's not quite a princess castle.. instead I would say it's 'broken down'. And indeed, it's is broken. If you want to know more about the castle and it's history you're probably better of googling it, because if I'm honest I was mostly amazed that I made it up a steep hill on a boiling hot day without complaining once (which is an achievement for me - I hate heat), instead of reading any of the factual signs. It was very pretty though, despite being broken. And even though it's famous in my mind as the 'broken down castle', I didn't 100% recognise it, so it was nice to have a wonder around the rubble. The view was also amazing. I went for a practical outfit, due to the walking and the heat, and went with my trusty Simply Be dress, and my comfy vans - so it may not be particularly exciting but it definitely was suitable for the day out. The town, also called Corfe Castle, is so small and quaint, and like something from a movie. We stopped for lunch, and had a look around the model village, and my Dad went and found the steam train (because he loves trains). So overall it was a really nice day, and the steep hill didn't end up being so steep afterall. If you're ever in the Corfe Castle area I definitely recommend a visit. Until next time,