Saturday, 21 June 2014

Instagram Adventures

I can't say this is the most exciting blog post I've ever done, but I thought I'd update you with a few things I've been up to over the last few weeks or so with pictures from my Instagram. Feel free to follow me as if I'm not blogging then I usually have pictures up on Instagram of daily adventures. So here's what I've been up to recently:

1. Taken today when I met up with the lovely Hanna. Wearing all the polkadots, matching phone case and all.
2. I saw these telephone boxes when I was in Kingston last weekend. I don't know if they're a permanent art fixture or not - I'm guessing they are? I didn't knock them over, I promise.
3. I made these Oreo cupcakes with my friend Kirsi. It's the second time we've made them and we're IN LOVE. They have a whole Oreo at the bottom. I might blog the recipe and instructions one day.
4. Sewing my strawberry dress - see full outfit post here.
5. I went Ed's Diner with my Dad - YUM.
6. A few weeks ago I met up with Hanna for a picnic in the park, wearing my new Forever21+ dress which I'll probably blog properly soon.
7. I went and saw an outdoor showing of Mean Girl's with my friend Pins in Vauxhall park.
8. I'm not used to having wavy hair but the humidity has driven me to sleeping with plaits. I blogged this hair & dress here.
9. I got my hands on the last ever book from the Mortal Instruments series after waiting ages for it to come out. IT WAS SO GOOD.
10. I also read the book 'You're The One That I Want' by Giovanna Fletcher (Tom McFly's wife), and it wasn't as good as her first one 'Billy & Me'. I have of course read other books recently too, so if you want all my book updates then feel free to add me as a friend on Goodreads.
11 & 12. On the 7th of June I went and saw One Direction with my friend Pins at Wembley Stadium. She kinda persuaded me to go ages ago as I liked a few of the songs but wasn't really a fan of them. But after seeing them live I'm not ashamed to admit that I actually quite like them now.
13 & 14. The other week I met up with Isha in Brick Lane where we had yummy ice creams and enjoyed the amazing street art. I blogged about it here.
15 & 16. I also on the 31st May saw Katy Perry at the O2 arena, again with Pins (she's my best friend and gigging partner). It was my fourth time seeing her live and by far my favourite. We even got these cool pixelated glasses which made you feel weird. 

As you can tell from my Instagram pictures, I tend to take pictures of mainly food, books, fashion, occasionally events, blog updates and of course concerts too. (I've also seen McBusted, the 1975, and Justin Timberlake this year too, which are all up on my Instagram, if you're interested) I hope you've found this blog post fairly interesting even though it's not like my usual posts. Anyway, until next time.

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