Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hey Mickey!

Top - Primark, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins (old), Shoes - Topshop, Hair bow - ASOS,
If you ask any of my close friends they'll happily tell you that Minnie Mouse is my fashion icon and hero. That sounds dramatic, but I really do love her! And me and Minnie both share a passion for all things red, black, white and polkadot! I do have a lot of Minnie/Mickey mouse t-shirts, but when I saw this one in Primark a few months ago I just had to buy it. It's like a scuba fabric and it's meant to be a 'crop top', but clearly it comes up very long on me which isn't a problem. And this black skirt is an old one from Dorothy Perkins which I got in the sale for around £5, and I actually bought it to wear to Disneyland Paris, which I did, when I went with my best friend almost three years ago. (I've also been a few times with my parents when I was a child) The first thing I did the last time I went to Disneyland Paris was buy Minnie Mouse ears, duh! And I've even dressed up as Minnie Mouse for halloween - twice! (you can see some old pictures here) Ha, so now you all know of my love for Minnie Mouse if you didn't already. I've also been dying to get my hands on one of these 2D bags, which are in fact usable and not just a cardboard cut out or photoshopped in. (I'm guessing you are now staring at the screen trying to figure out how it works) However, it's such a small bag I can only fit about my iPhone in. But who needs a mobile when you've got a telephone box handy, ey?


  1. YAY! This outfit is wonderful. I love the top in conjunction with the telephone booth.

  2. AWww I love everything about this post! I have always been a big Mickey mouse fan! I love this purse too :) So cute!