Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Popsicle of Colour

Dress - Matalan (old), Cardigan - Primark, Bag - ASOS,
Scarf - Market in Poland, Tights - Marks & Spencer, Shoes - Clarks
Just a short post today. You may remember that I've blogged this purple wall before, and also this dress whilst in Brick Lane before too, but oh well! The dress, and the wall, are both favourites anyway! These pictures were taken on a lovely day out with Isha in Brick Lane, where it ended up being really hot so we stopped for icecream - or in my case a lovely lemonade popsicle. I seem to spend a lot of time in Brick Lane recently, mainly due to it being only half an hour away from my house plus there's lot to see there, and lots of amazing places to eat. However, I really do not recommend going on a Sunday like we did this time as it seemed everyone and their entire family was there! It was totally manic and stressful. Luckily my favourite street with pretty houses was away from the hustle and bustle. Also, posing with an ice lolly really ain't cool.


  1. Ooo I love them lemonade ice pops. The scarf brings a lovely flash of colour to the cardigan I thought it was a jacket at first x

    1. Me too, it was very tasty! That would be so cool if it WAS a jacket!! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous, love love love the dress and omg that bag is so cute :) xx