Saturday, 3 May 2014

Debenhams Bra Fit Event

Left to right: Me, Hanna, Callie, and the Curvy Kate team. (photo courtesy of Callie)
Some of my new bra's: Curvy Kate 'Dreamcatcher' set in pink (I also got in black)
Curvy Kate 'Daily Boost' in Black (I also got in nude)
Gorgeous (Debenhams) spotted mesh bra (in pink and white, also comes in orange and black)
Last week I was invited to a bra fit event hosted by Debenhams in their Oxford Street store. Now usually I'm not that much of a fan of shopping for lingerie because I find the whole experience really unpleasant, but I was majorly overdue a fitting so I thought 'why not?'. I've never actually bought bra's from Debenhams before, I've always been a Marks and Spencer lingerie shopper, mainly for convenience, but for the last few years I've been terribly unhappy as they stopped the majority of all their nice bra's going past a D or DD cup. Not only that, nothing was fitting properly. (partly because I refused to get fitted there) So I jumped at the chance to try out Debenhams.

I attended the 6pm talk with Freya about fuller busts; we got to see some pretty styles and were told about sizing as most women, including myself, don't have a clue what to look for in a bra despite it being such a necessity. We were also treated to some champagne and my favourite - macarons! After the talk I headed straight to get fitted and was helped by the lovely Curvy Kate team. The experience was much friendlier than bra fitting experiences I've had in the past, and made life easier when coming to choosing a bra as I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable. It turns out I was wearing the wrong size, like I assumed, and was wearing a cup size too small. (I went from a 40E to a 40F) Then came the tricky part - choosing what bra's I wanted! The 'fuller bust' department at Debenhams is probably the largest selection of bra's I have seen in bigger sizes. Usually I spend my time wondering around looking at endless amounts of pretty bra's that I can't fit into, which is another reason why I don't enjoy lingerie shopping, but not this time! It was so difficult choosing as I liked pretty much everything, but luckily I had the others on hand to help me choose. I definitely recommend going bra shopping with friends who are around the same bra size as you as it was much more fun!

I wanted some everyday bra's as well as pretty patterned ones, so was recommended the daily boost bra, which fitted really well and was super comfortable. I got the daily boost in both nude and black and have worn them nearly every day since! If you're looking for a more affordable range then I would recommend taking a look at the Gorgeous collection, as their bra's go up to a K cup and prices tend to be under the £20 mark. I got their spotty mesh balcony bra in two colours, as I can never resist polkadots! For the bra's that they didn't have my size in stock I just ordered from one of the machines in the fitting room; it was free delivery and my package arrived only two working days later. The only negative thing I can comment on, but I think this is more a general thing rather than specific to Debenhams, is that even though all these bra's go up to bigger sizes there is very limited sizes for knickers. It's not a problem for me, but if you're bigger then there's very little choice as nearly all the knickers stop at either a UK20 or a UK22 at a stretch, and its such a shame.

I've noticed a big difference since being fitted, not only do I feel more comfortable but I also feel more confident which I didn't think was possible. I think because I avoided getting measured for so long that I forgot how important it is to be in the right bra size. I'm so happy with my new bra's, and like I said I've not stopped wearing them since. Next time I need new bra's I'll be heading straight back to Debenhams!

I just want to say a quick thank you to the lovely people at Debenhams for a wonderful evening.

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