Monday, 24 March 2014

The Bandstand

Top - New Look (main range), Skirt - New Look Inspire, Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - ASOS, Vans - Schuh, Bow - Beyond Retro, Tights - Sainsburys

This is about as casual I ever get when it comes to clothes, as I don't ever ever wear trousers (you might have noticed). I don't really think I suit trousers, and they make me feel frumpy and uncomfortable. So a jersey skater skirt and a pair of vans is as far as I can go on the 'frump' scale without losing myself. I found this cute gingham crop top in New Look's main range and had to buy it. Gingham, as well as polkadots, is one of my ultimate favourite patterns to wear, and I'm glad that it's come back in fashion as it means its everywhere at the moment! I also love this ASOS backpack I got the other year, which I usually save for Summer outfits but seeing as the weather is kinda changing I thought I'd give it a little outing.
That's all for now!


  1. I'm right there with you on the pants-less thing. I just went jean shopping over the weekend so I'd have something for around the house and the rare occasion I pick pants over a skirt, and as usual, it was a disaster. I found a pair that works okay, but I had to try on so many to get to that point. It's such a pain. Skirts are so much easier. lol Anyways, I adore that red and white backpack. The scalloped edge is so sweet!

    <3 Liz

    1. I know that pain oh so well! That's why I gave up the impossible search for the perfect fitting trousers almost 10 years ago now haha! :) xx

  2. I never wear trousers either. I hate how I look in them & I just don't feel like me. skater skirts & dresses are always fab.

  3. Aww I love the Bow in your hair sweets! So cute! x