Friday, 24 January 2014

Herbology in the Greenhouse

Hello from the greenhouse!
Today I visited this lovely place near my house, with my Dad as my photographer.
I felt like a Hogwarts student in a Herbology lesson.

I'm wearing my new burgundy coat from New Look Inspire which I decided to buy in the biggest size possible so that it would be extra oversized. It's not my usual type of coat and I was a little unsure but after seeing it in pictures I'm pretty pleased with it.
I also tried out my Zatchel as a backpack - an option you can choose when ordering it online. The original straps fit but I thought they would be too tight when worn with a coat as I have quite broad shoulders. So I contacted the very helpful people at Zatchels and told them my problem. They made me some custom size backpack straps for free which arrived only a few days later. I could not be more pleased! I'm also in love with this ASOS Curve blouse, but the photo's don't do it justice.

Coat - New Look (inspire)
Blouse - ASOS Curve
Skirt - New Look (inspire)
Backpack - Zatchels
Tights - Marks & Spencer
Shoes - Clarks



  1. Such a cute outfit and I love your satchel, I have that skirt from New Look as well xx

    1. Thank you! Such an easy to skirt to wear, isn't it? My fave type of clothing haha :) x

  2. Lovely photos I do like walking round laces like this love the coat

    Carreanne xx

    1. Me too, I love visiting interesting places! Thanks for reading :) x

  3. I agree - like the Herbology greenhouse and gardens all the way! The pictures also have a bit of Alice in Wonderland to them, especially the one of you peering through the gate. They're very sweet!

    And can I just say, I was watching Downton Abbey last night (I'm obsessed and on day four of my marathon), and they mentioned a dessert called "Apple Charlotte." And I went "Oh! Maybe that's what her blog is named for. Maybe it's a play on her name and the dessert!" I'm American, so, you know, I've never heard of Apple Charlotte in my life. Until your blog. And now Downton Abbey. Who knows where it'll crop up next!


    1. Awww thank you, I'm glad you like the pictures!

      Hahaha, that's so funny! (I love Downton too).
      Apple Charlotte is an apple dessert, and years and years ago when I was trying to come up with a twitter name I wanted to come up with something clever. It was either apple Charlotte or Charlotte potatoes (a type of potato - don't know if they available outside of the UK). I'm also an apple shape - which was a coincident. I thought it was fitting for my blog, so it kinda just stuck!
      Maybe I should do an apple charlotte recipe on my blog, haha!