Saturday, 7 December 2013

An Afternoon at Asos

As an ASOS insider, we get invited to some exciting events hosted by ASOS!
Today was my first one, so I headed to ASOS HQ for 'Social Network School'.
We were given a yummy selection of mini foods - how cool are these tiny fish & chip portions?
And Social Network cupcakes. All the Instagram ones got eaten up, but I snatched a Twitter one.
I got to hang out with the lovely Hanna again (who I always refer to as one of my models), and met Debz for the first time.
We headed into a room for our social network talk.
Decorated around the room was previews of thing to come at ASOS.
The talk was given by Sedge Beswick, who does Social Media at ASOS.
The pretty clothes.

We also got a tour around the ASOS office, which is literally HUGE.
I can't even describe how big it is.
The most exciting thing is we got to see the ASOS catwalk!
We didn't get to walk on it as they were in a middle of a shoot.

I spied this British Plus Size Award sat at reception.
On the subject, I missed out on my award a for Best Achievement a couple of weeks ago to Lisa Riley!
Me at the entrance.
And a close up of my outfit.

Dress - Forever21+
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - ASOS
Coat - Very (dyed brown)
Tights - M&S

I hope to attend more ASOS events in the future, it was a fun afternoon!


  1. Thanks for the mention - Was lovely to meet you!! x

    1. No problem, was lovely meeting you too! xx

  2. Looks like a super fun day! The office tour must have been a lot of fun. Their photoshoot area is really nice. I love your outfit too!

  3. omg that red velvet dress!!!! I need it in my lifeeee


    1. fingers crossed it comes into Curve!! x