Monday, 16 September 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag?

This is a slightly different type of post compared to my usual, and it's a little out of my comfort zone!
But I'd seen a few bloggers do it and I thought I'd have a go.
Over the past few year, my interest in makeup has increased rapidly, probably from the influence of my friends, particularly Lucie and my best friend Pins who is a self confessed Mac-aholic. Being introduced to Tanya Burr has also been a massive influence!
I'm by no means a beauty blogger or an expert in makeup at all, but this is what I use and how I do my every day makeup.
My makeup bag is Ted Baker and was a gift from my parents for finishing university.
My brushes from left to right:
Real Techniques blush brush, sainsburys contour brush (i'm yet to find a similar, but not too expensive replacement), RT stippling brush, RT contour brush, RT foundation brush, RT detailer brush, RT buffing brush. (the gold four are part of the core collection set - a bargain)
The good thing about Real Techniques brushes are that they are reasonable prices, but also really good quality.
To start off before I put my makeup on, I use the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub as I get really dry lips. You just scrub it onto your lips with your finger, and then you just lick it all away as it's 100% edible! It tastes good too!
I then use a primer as I have a very oily t-zone which means my makeup won't sit properly, particularly on my nose. I use to use a Mac Primer, which I do recommend but it's expensive, I used it up quickly, and when I went into two Mac stores on different weekends neither of them had it in stock. So I decided to find a cheaper "drugstore" equivalent. I now use No7 Beautifully Matte makeup base which is only £10.50, and you need the tiniest amount along your t-zone and it instantly works. I'm sure I'll still be making my way through this one tube next year. 
The lush lip scrub comes in other flavours now but Bubblegum is definitely the best.
After I've prepped my face I move onto foundation which I apply with either my stippling brush, or the buffing brush - both equally good.
I have two foundations which I use, not at the same time of course. My favourite, which I wear most days, is Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1N1 Ivory Nude. I can not recommend this foundation ENOUGH. Yes it's expensive at £28.50 but I think it's totally worth it. It has a thick coverage, and it's perfect for long or hot days as it will not budge for over 12 hours and can cope in very high humidity. Some people might find this foundation too heavy but I like a full coverage as I have a lot of redness to hide on my face. I never have to worry when wearing this foundation either as it's just so long lasting and resistant. You can pick up free samples of this foundation at any Estee Lauder counter which can be up to 2 weeks worth in just one small bottle!
The other foundation I use when I'm not out all day, or want a much lighter and fresher coverage, is the Mac Studio Fix foundation in NW10. I really struggle to find foundations to match my incredibly pale skin, and this is the lightest shade Mac do in just this one foundation and it's an almost perfect match. This foundation can last up to 8 hours, with a bit of powdering.
For powder, I use Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent. This powder is long lasting and very affordable, and I keep one in my bag all the time for oily t-zone emergencies! 
Eyebrows. The most important part.
I've been using Benefit Brow Zings in medium for 2 years now and I haven't looked back since. I've encouraged so many of my friends to use this product too, and now they're addicted as well. It's £23.50, but I only ever need to buy one a year! It's come with two sections, wax and powder, leaving your eyebrows looking lovely and thick.
Another benefit must-have in my makeup bag is the Dallas Blusher. This again lasts me a very long time, probably between 8 to 10 months. I use this when I'm in a rush to quickly contour my cheeks, as well as using it along my forehead, down my nose, and across my chin. It's sort of halfway between a blusher and a bronzer, and a really good shade for fellow rosey-cheeked, pale girls.
But if I want to be a little more *adventurous* (I'm not adventurous), or want a lighter fresher look, I use Mac Powder Blush in Peaches on the apples of my cheeks. I then use Dainty Doll Powder Blusher in Money Talks to contour my cheekbones. Finding contour colours for pale skin is almost impossible so this is a great product - however, I hear that Dainty Doll may be discontinued now? I did manage to find some of their products on Amazon for literally just a few quid though, it's worth a look.
The only problem is as it's so cheap, it's very powdery and not very good quality. Once it's on my face though it lasts as long as anything else I use.
The newest product in my makeup bag is this EOS lipbalm that my friend Pins bought me back from her holiday in New York. I was only given it last week but I haven't stopped using it since! You might recognise it from Miley's latest music video.
Not only is it fun to look at, it's also very moisturising. This one is Strawberry Sorbet, yum.
After that, I put on this Estee Lauder Lipstick in Beige Shimmer, which I got free in a giftbag when you spend over £30 at Estee Lauder. It's a very neutral colour, almost an exact match to my actually lip colour. It's nothing special, but I like it and usually put it on to make my lips just stand out a bit more against my foundation.
This is usually where my daily makeup stops as I never where any eye makeup, even mascara, unless it's a weekend, or special occasion. I told you I wasn't adventurous!
I have started to branch out more with the encouragement of friends. So when I found out that I was graduating with a 2:1, I thought I'd treat myself to this Urban Decay Naked Palette after hearing good reviews on it! It may seem expensive at £37, but if you work out individually how much eyeshadow costs, it's actually a really good price. It's mainly neutrals which is perfect for me! All the colours are so lovely and look amazing on, and I'm slowly experimenting with them. At the moment my favourite is Smog.
And to top it off, I use this Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara in black. I can't say it's anything special - it doesn't lengthen, curl, or make your eyelashes look full of volume. But I'm not particular bothered about that anyway for every day use. It's double wear which means it doesn't smudge and can cope with high humidity, which does the job for me as my eyes have a tendency to water a lot, ruining any eye makeup I may have on. This is the best I've found for me to not have black marks ending up all over my face.
And there you have it, my usual makeup!
I'm so bad at selfies.

What are your favourite makeup products?
I love hearing new recommendations!


  1. I really really need to get the real techniques brushes everyone raves on about it and I just haven't got round to it. Maybe this is a good thing to ask for, for xmas! I saw that you use no7 primer I don't know whether I had a botch bottle but I found it awful it was actually really hard to put on, wasn't smooth and made my face feel sticky! So weird!
    I love Rimmel products the - Wake up foundation is fab (think that's what it is called! I also use a lot of Revlon foundation as well as the benefit Oxygen foundation. I kind of like to mix and match! xx

    1. The real technique brushes are definitely worth getting! The no7 primer is difficult to use as it's so matte that it doesn't really spread, so it needs to be used in really small amounts and just on your t-zone! I don't find it sticky though, and it seems to work really well. I've heard good things about the wake me up foundation - might have to give it a go :) x