Saturday, 8 June 2013

Amongst the Flowers

Since my last post, i've been extremely busy.
First off, I moved out of my Southampton house and have moved back home to London with my parents due to uni being finished. It was a heck of a lot of packing, and took 2 cars full to transfer it all home, and over a week later I'm still surrounded by boxes of my stuff that is yet to be unpacked. So far being home has been good, but I do miss Southampton and the independence (cooking in particular). 

Then last Monday I started my internship in London at Anna Scholz, which I'm really enjoying! But it means I'm having to get used to the whole Monday to Friday working routine again, which can be tiring. I'll be there all Summer so I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time.

Speaking of Summer, you may have noticed it's been super sunny this week - a great opportunity for an outfit post.

I've worn this dress a few times since Yours sent it to be the other week. It's what I call a 'transitional' dress - something which is perfect for this time of year.

Not only is the dress made up of my favourite colour combination, black & brown, but it also looks great with or without black tights meaning it's an extremely wearable piece within my wardrobe. As it was warm today, I decided to get my legs out again!
I teamed it with my trusty black/brown chiltern bag.

Dress - c/o Yours
Cardigan - Primark
Chiltern Bag - Ebay
Shoes - New Look

Me with my 'London photographer' a.k.a Kirsi, having fun in the sun. We enjoyed a lovely picnic in the park.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I have put a video up on youtube of my graduate catwalk show. It was only shot by my Dad on his digital camera so isn't the best quality. I'm hoping my uni will release a professional one soon, but who knows?!


  1. gorgeous photos! I love your bag - the fastening is so unique and cute!

    bec X

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