Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Polka polka dot.

Hey everyone, thank you for the overwhelming response towards my collection this week. It's been great to hear all the positive feedback, knowing that all my hard work has been worth it! It's been a difficult couple of weeks where I've had to stick to my guns - even yesterday I was told that the likelihood of me showing at my own graduate fashion show next week is slim, and they have just assumed I'm not showing without speaking to me. But the model search continues and I am determined to show. Plus size fashion needs to be heard and seen! And all of your support makes me feel so encouraged.

Anyway, me and Lucie decided to do a quick OOTD post whilst we've got all this spare time. We were hoping to have lots of photo opportunities this week but it's going to rain the whole time which is rather annoying!
I found this polkadot pinafore dress, the DRESS OF MY DREAMS, in Primark at the weekend and was praying for it to fit (I only occasionally fit into stretchy UK20 garments from there). And to some miracle, it fitted! I love it so much, I hope they bring out more colours so I can buy them all up.
Although, because I have so much free time I'm contemplating making myself a few garments for the Summer, including some pinafore dresses to match this one. They're quite straight forward to make!
Pinafore Dress - Primark
Jumper - ASOS
Bag - ASOS
Tights - Marks & Spencers
Shoes - Evans


  1. Oh my god! I've been looking for a plus size pinafore dress everywhere for literally years! So cute, definitely taking a trip to Primark soon. :)

    Love the back of that dress and the heart elbow patches on that jumper. :)


    1. Plus size pinafore dresses just don't seem to exist anywhere! Definitely go buy it! x

  2. New follower here! Just read about your struggles at Uni with your collection on Lauren's blog and left a comment there, so won't repeat myself ; ) I wasn't plus-size when I was at Uni doing fashion, so it never occurred to me to make anything outside the standard size 12 block, but you should be praised for doing something different and all the extra hard work you've had to put in. I'm shocked they are being so blinkered to the whole situation. I think you'll be an absolute asset to the plus-size world and I would model for you if it weren't for the fact I'm in Scotland ; )

    Loving that pinafore too, keep your chin up x x x

  3. Omg I love Pinafore dresses, this looks gorgeous on you, I love that sometimes you can find some real gems in Primark! xxx