Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sewing my life away!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently. As I'm reaching the end of my final year of uni, things have got rather intense and I'm spending my entire weekdays in the sewing studio.

As you may know, I'm specialising in plus size fashion, which is making my life slightly more difficult as I'm having to make my pattern blocks from scratch (we always edit them anyway- obviously). I've also padded out a size 16/18 mannequin in attempt to make it a size UK22, which was tricky.
The other hard part is that we're fighting over space as there's only two sewing studio's, and the bigger one always has lessons on. It means early mornings, like today, to try and be the first one in. And it also means I'm not getting as much done as I like, so I'm completely off schedule at the moment.
(my friend stole my phone and took pictures of me whilst I was working on a pair of trousers - no, really, I'm not making it up!)
I don't want to show what I'm doing yet, mainly for copyright reasons and also I want it to be a surprise. I'm also still in the very early staged, although they want all our final lineup in toile form (mock-up's) in less than two weeks - uh oh!

In other news, you may have seen me put this up on Tumblr, for my search of plus size models:
Which, thanks to the lovely Fatshion Tumblr world, currently has 360 notes on it?! Wow.
Thank you so much to everyone who reblogged it - and thank you to those who emailed me.
I haven't made any decisions yet on models as the reaction was much much bigger than I anticipated, so I'm going to hold a casting day which I'm yet to organise as I'm so busy, but it will probably be over the easter period. so if anyone is still interested, email me with a picture and your details at:
That way I can keep all those who are interested up to date.

Also, if you have a spare minute, please fill out my survey here, on what you want from fashion as a plus size community. It will only take two minutes to fill out and it will help me with my design process for my final collection!

Thanks for being helpful, and patient, and I hope to have a new outfit post soon!


  1. hi miss charlotte,
    connected with you and your saga through a facebook link to the fat chick sings blog.

    i don't know what a pattern block is, but that your uni does not have them seems more like a political decision than a business one. is it true the uni would not let you showcase your work?

    1. Hi Jeanette, thank you for getting in contact. It is true that there has been some resistance, mainly due to not having much help in finding models, so I have had to do it myself in order to show at the graduate show (the southampton one where my university is based). I am not showing at the London showcase (an exhbition with a fashion video) as only half my class were chosen and I wasn't one of them. Although I feel this opportunity was never available to me as they never offered up any models. As for pattern blocks, the ones my uni have, and probably other uni's have too, are standard size UK8. A pattern block is the shape of the body/garment that you lay on fabric so that it comes out the correct shape for the wearer.