Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fox & Wedges

These pictures were taken last week before it snowed, when it wasn't as cold - and our heating hadn't broken, nor had our oven, or my car. Talk about disastrous week!
Apart from everything breaking, I've also been working hard on my dissertation which is due on Monday, scary! It's going okay but I'm still a little worried.
I love these wedges, which I bought in the Summer from H&M for literally £20 - wish I had more opportunities to wear them though.
Also, you may notice that I live in these ASOS Curve skater skirts - they go with everything and fit really well.
Hopefully I'll have more outfits to show when I'm a little less busy with work.
I'm looking forward to British Plus Size Fashion Weekend in a couple of weeks, which is keeping me going through all my work.
Who else is going?
Jumper - New Look (mens)
Skirt & Belt - ASOS Curve
Backpack - ASOS
Necklace - Mawi via LFWend
Tights - Marks & Spencers
Wedges - H&M


  1. your beautifful I like your stuff except the tag "fat fashion" you aint fat yo look good .. if you've any problem in your dissertation call me: +441414162282

    1. Hey, thank you :)
      the 'fat fashion' tag is a proud tag, as I am indeed fat but not ashamed of it.
      Search the 'fatshion' tag on Tumblr and you will see all the other proud fat girls too! :D