Monday, 1 October 2012

Luxury Uni Living

Hello from Southampton! Again, sorry for the lack of posts. As you might know, I've been down in Southampton for a week now, but uni lessons only started today. I've been eager to get started but the whole thought of being a third year scares the hell out of me. I had to get up at 9am just for a two hour IT lesson! Not the most fun. My loan did come in today though and straight away I bought a few new things, which I'll probably show you in the coming weeks. (By the way, my hair is no where near as dark as it is in that photo!)

Anyway, so I thought I'd show you my 'other bedroom' at my second house. We decided to stay in the same house so this will be my second year living here. It literally does feel like home and will be really sad to leave it in June. So this is my room:
I used to really prefer my uni bedroom as it's almost double the size and I also get a double bed! But after I redecorated my bedroom over summer, I do prefer the prettiness of my room at home. As you can see I'm a bit of a child with all my cuddly stuff. The bunting in this room is also handmade by me, like the one I have at home too. And yet more fairy lights.
As you can see I'm a bit of a McFly fan (also forgot to change the calendar to October, oops).
Memories from last year.
It's not the most exciting room but I love it anyway.
Here's just two pics from our lovely living room:
As a house of five girls, our house is very cosy, tidy and girly, which makes being away from home much more fun, especially when you're feeling homesick.
And this is our favourite wall in the house which everyone always comments on. It's basically just a collection of photo's of hot guys, girls we have crushes on, and random other photos. Our aim in the beginning was to cover the whole wall but I'm not sure we'll manage that.

I must say, I'm glad it's October as it's actually my favourite month, not including December. It is eighteen days until my 22nd birthday, autumn is here, and of course Halloween! And I also feel October signifies the countdown to Christmas (85 days away), well for me anyway. I feel I've got an exciting month ahead and I plan to share the photo's with you!

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