Sunday, 28 October 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

So as you know, on the 19th of October I turned 22! I stayed at uni for the whole weekend, and decided to come back this weekend instead to celebrate my birthday. I was so excited for what I had planned! I organised dinner and bowling at All Star Lanes in London, and made everyone dress up in 50s style clothing, and I was happy to see that everyone went all out!
Kirsi, Me and Marianna at dinner. Nom nom.
Pin up girl cocktail, nice.
Rebecca, Annie and Pins.
Aloha jars, also nice.
Kirsi, me and Marianna getting ready to bowl.
The 6 of us.
Me and pins.
Having fun and dancing to the music! Old school classics.
Me getting a strike. Not kidding!
I bought my polaroid camera with me - sorry the photos don't translate to well on screen!

An end to a good night! After finding out I won't have time to celebrate Halloween, I thought this could count as a joint thing. I look like Minnie Mouse, and Kirsi looked like High School Musical, so we were half there.

What I'm wearing:
Cardigan - Monsoon
Dress - Style369
Hairband - waistband of dress ^
Tights - M&S
Shoes - Bowling shoes :P

At home, my mum made me a yummy victoria sponge birthday cake.

Me and mum!
My parents also took me to see Wicked on the Westend, which is SO AMAZING. I thoroughly recommend it.
(also, in the audience 20 seats in front of me was Jedward, and more importantly to my right was Harry from McFly! If you don't know already - I'm a big McFly fan. Really, really odd coincidence but I'm not complaining).

It was a great birthday, and so far I'm enjoying 22. Now I'm back at uni, and back to reality. Got two hand in's this week, eek!

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