Saturday, 8 September 2012

White wedding & more Paralympics

Unfortunately I don't have an outfit post again but I'm planning on doing one soon so hold tight :)

Anyway, this weekend has been doubly exciting as last night I went to my cousins wedding! It's my first family wedding for me, and of course a special one. It was a beautiful sunny day at a lovely cobbled church just outside London.
My cousin looked stunning in her wedding dress, and so did my other cousin in her bridesmaid dress. I had a wonderful day, and it carried on deep into the night. Her wedding was so lovely that she's aspired me to have a very similar wedding some day.
Then today we went to the Paralympics again! I went on the ticket website on wednesday on the off chance of getting tickets for this weekend, and I happened to be extremely lucky. This time it wasn't at the Olympic Park but because we've already been there, I didn't mind. Instead it was at the North Greenwich Arena, which most of us know as the O2 Arena.
The tickets were for wheelchair basketball which I've thoroughly got into whilst it's been on TV, and I find really enjoyable. The tickets were general entry level one which means you can sit anywhere, and we managed to get second row which meant a very good view. I was rather happy when Oscar Pistorious turned up on big screen, I have a bit of a crush on him!
The night before I found out that my friend and her family had also got tickets to the event, a happy coincidence, which made it even more exciting and we all got to sit together.
The two games we watched were for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th classification. First up we saw Turkey vs Poland, and we supported Turkey as my friend and her family are Turkish. They waved their Turkish flags and got on the top screen a few times. The whole way through Turkey were trailing and as the game neared the end, I thought it was all over, but they suddenly pulled it through and managed to win, giving them 7th place!
Then afterwards it was Germany vs Spain. We decided to support Germany, and were spurred on to support them thoroughly when we were suddenly surrounded by deafening and annoying Spanish fans. Germany unfortunately didn't win, despite our Deutschland chants.
Another great day of amazing sport! So sad it is all coming to end, and it only confirms that soon I'll be leaving London and will be going back to university. It truly has been a great Summer to be living in London! It's not quite over for me yet though.

Also, I have started a 100 things in 1000 days post which you can access clicking the link, or can view on the right hand side of my blog in the links panel. If you don't know what it is, the title pretty much gives it away. The challenge is to write 100 realistic things/goal/stuff you want to do and then you have a 1000 days to complete the list, which is roughly just under three years. Check out the page and I hope you're inspired to join in!

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