Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Paralympics have arrived!

So I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Olympic Hyde Park post that I hadn't managed to get any Olympic tickets, but since then I managed to grab some Paralympics ones and I was over the moon! I am so happy to be involved in the Olympic & Paralympic celebrations somehow, especially as its happening here right in my city. I was pleased that my tickets were for swimming as thats the one sport that I watched completely from start to finish.
I went with my parents, who took the day off work, and we caught a train into central London, which surprisingly only took us 15 minutes from where we live in the outskirts of north London (I always felt it was further away). It did, however, mean getting up really early as we arrived in the Olympic park just after 8am. So worth it though!
The Olympic fever was apparent from the moment we stepped off the train, and it felt so amazing to be around volunteers who were so enthusiastic, and army soldiers working hard at security, making us feel safe and secure.
We headed straight to the Aquatic centre just as it started to pour down with rain and I went inside looking like a drowned rat, or like I had just been for a swim in the pool itself.
We were quite high up (and had to climb A LOT of stairs), but the view was amazing.
Me posing by the pool! We got to witness four Paralympic records, and two world records, one of which was set by a British swimmer. We waved our flag and cheered like crazy along with every other British fan in the audience, and it was so much fun!
Afterwards we wandered around the Olympic park. The Orbit:
Me posing outside the Olympic Stadium with my giant flag to keep me warm.
The Olympic Stadium:
The pretty floor!
Afterwards we headed over to Westfield for a little while and I bought a new dress, before heading home. I wish the weather was a lot less wet and a lot less windy (as I spent the whole time holding my skirt down) as I could've spent the whole day in the Olympic park, but thats the British weather for you.
This isn't exactly an outfit post but here you go anyway:

T-shirt - Yours Clothing
Skirt - ASOS Curve
Tights - Marks & Spencers
Cardigan - Primark
Vans - Schuh
Flag - Sainsburys

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