Monday, 28 July 2014

We Ran Past Strawberry Fields and Smelt the Summertime

Skirt and Belt - ASOS Curve, Top - New Look (main range - last season),
Cardigan - Primark (old), Shoes - Topshop, Bag - Nica
This weekend me and my friend Kirsi went to visit our local farm. (yes, there are farms in London) Despite it being a two minute drive away, I haven't visited since I was a child, so thought it was about time I went back! Especially as strawberry season must be coming to an end very soon! It was another hot and sunny day (what is happening to England?!), and we found ourselves enticed by all the yummy looking fruit. We picked strawberries, raspberries and plums - and I found out that I really do not like blackberries. We both decided that the strawberries were definitely the best, and I couldn't help it if a few extra fell into my mouth on my way around the field! (in all seriousness, sampling is aloud but don't eat a basketful without paying!) I love finding things to do in my local area (hence most of my blog), or just within the UK, especially if they don't cost much to do but are really fun. I'm not going abroad this Summer, but I think you can have just as much fun having a 'staycation'. So if you have a local farm near you, then I really suggest paying it a visit and picking your own fruit and vegetables as it's really enjoyable, and you'd be supporting your local community too! We had so much fun that we're already planning another trip very soon. On this day I paired my ASOS Curve gingham skirt with my gingham crop t-shirt from New Look - the gingham prints don't completely match but I think I can just about get away with tricking people into thinking its a dress. If not, I'm not that bothered. Also, I just want to point out that the title of this post is lyrics from my favourite ever McFly song (they're my favourite band if you didn't already know), and it means a lot to me. Anyway, until next time.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Castle in the Clouds

Dress - Simply Be, Cardigan - Primark (old), Shoes - Vans, Bag - Nica
These are the last of my holiday pictures from our mini family weekend away from a few weeks ago. On one of the days we were away we visited Corfe Castle in Dorset, which to me and my parents will always be known as the 'broken down castle'; when I was little we visited Corfe Castle a few times and obviously as a child I was picturing a grand, magical castle but as we would drive closer my younger self would realise that it's not quite a princess castle.. instead I would say it's 'broken down'. And indeed, it's is broken. If you want to know more about the castle and it's history you're probably better of googling it, because if I'm honest I was mostly amazed that I made it up a steep hill on a boiling hot day without complaining once (which is an achievement for me - I hate heat), instead of reading any of the factual signs. It was very pretty though, despite being broken. And even though it's famous in my mind as the 'broken down castle', I didn't 100% recognise it, so it was nice to have a wonder around the rubble. The view was also amazing. I went for a practical outfit, due to the walking and the heat, and went with my trusty Simply Be dress, and my comfy vans - so it may not be particularly exciting but it definitely was suitable for the day out. The town, also called Corfe Castle, is so small and quaint, and like something from a movie. We stopped for lunch, and had a look around the model village, and my Dad went and found the steam train (because he loves trains). So overall it was a really nice day, and the steep hill didn't end up being so steep afterall. If you're ever in the Corfe Castle area I definitely recommend a visit. Until next time,

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wild Horses

Dress & Kimono - ASOS Curve, Shoes - Primark,
Hairband - Accessorize, Bag - The National Trust (borrowed from Mum)
I have more holiday pictures to show you from our mini family trip away last weekend. These photo's were taken in the New Forest, which I used to visit often when I lived in Southampton for University. Our hotel was right on the edge of the forest, which was really nice. It's such a picturesque place full of wild horses and donkeys that just roam wherever they want, including along the long roads. I remember having to stop my car when driving through the New Forest the other year because a horse decided to stand in the middle of the road, then came over to my window to have a little chat. It was so cute. My parents hadn't seen the wild horses in the New Forest before, so it was nice showing them. You're advised not to approach the animals, but of course they seem completely harmless and there were several visitors feeding and petting them. Also, if there are any horse experts - we were a little concerned about the horse laying down because we didn't know if it was just sleeping/sunbathing, or was maybe ill. Either way, I'm sure the horses must be looked after somehow even if they are 'wild' - or at least I hope so. I wore this ASOS Curve dress that I've owned for a long while now but haven't ever gotten around to wearing. I always love it when a dress has two prints on, and I particularly love clashing florals hence the bag and shoes too. You can't actually see the print of my shoes very well due to the lighting, but take it from me - they're pretty! And only from Primark too! And the bag I borrowed from my Mum because it went better with my outfit than the one black bag I took away with me. Until next time,